Kalman Vitéz - Sashegyi
1886 1940

Vitéz - Sashegyi Kalman, was a Hungarian impressionist painter. He was born in 1886 in Jászkiser, and died in 1940. He started to express stronger interest in painting under the influence of the art colony in Baia Mare in Transylvania. His first teacher was the elder of the colony, Hegus László. In 1911 Sashegyi participated in establishing the national House of Artists. He regularly participated in the collective exhibitions in the Hungarian National Salon. Sashegyi’s contribution to Hungarian art at the turn of the 20th century consists in implementation of some mature impressionist procedures into the originally rigid academism. His paintings are represented in the collections of the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest. Bibliography: Seregélyi, G.: Magyar Festök és grafikusok adattára. Szeged 1988, str. 536.